Important COVID-19 Links: 

Updated: COVID-19 Guidance: Essential Businesses for Boarding Kennels, Doggie Daycares, Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries, and Rescues
COVID-19 Waiver:  Spay/Neuter Requirement Waived at Time of Adoption
NACA Statement on Removing Pets from Homes of Residents that are or Suspected to be Infected with COVID-19
COVID-19 Guidance: For Private Pet Owners

Humane PA serves on the board of PASART on behalf of the Federated Humane Societies and is coordinating with surrounding county shelters, non-profits, school districts, and CART teams to prepare for the needs of our pets. Humane PA is operating two dedicated warehouses in Berks County capable of accepting, sorting, and distributing food and supply resources from central locations and is positioned to serve as the primary clearing house in Eastern PA for food and pet product resources as requested by county emergency management agencies. They are capable of providing larger scale distribution to agencies and partners in need, such as regional food pantries, animal welfare organizations, and school districts, so that those entities may handle individual distribution.

Humane PA’s primary contact for shelters (as well as for governmental, corporate, and non-profit entities, not general community assistance) is Inga Fricke, Director of Community Outreach Programs, PH: 301-366-1797,

Also, Federated is working with PASART to survey the capacity of the animal welfare community to assist with this crisis.  You can access the survey here