HSPO’s still need to do investigations during these uncertain times.  These guidelines are suggested by the Pennsylvania SPCA to help keep everyone safe. 

Officers will still need to respond to concerns for cruelty/neglect.

If there is a question regarding the condition of animals in the home based upon the nature of the complaint you can request the animal be brought to the door or outside to inspect the condition of the animal. If you cannot conduct an appropriate investigation in this manner you should put on PPE which includes a coverall, shoe covering and gloves before entering the home. If a home has a confirmed case of COVID-19 you should also include a face covering.

Any time you are picking up an animal from a home you should request an owner or resident to load the animal if they can do so in a safe and cooperative manner. If not due to the nature of the case or the behavior of either the owner or the animal, then you should use PPE including gloves, coveralls and shoe covering to load and/or handle the animal avoiding any contact with your face.

Once a case is completed or an animal is loaded PPE should be removed in a way which prevents contact of your clothing or skin with the areas of the PPE which touched or were touched by individuals or potential fomites. These items should be placed in a plastic garbage bag and disposed of in an external trash can or dumpster.